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Public Training

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February 10, 9am - 1pm
Wheatstone Ministries Offices
Fullerton, CA
$50 per person

Welcome to the new youth ministry

Understanding adulthood should change everything we do. In one day, train your team to invite your youth into Christian adulthood before they leave home. 

Every training includes...

- Deep, powerful lectures
- Renewing reflection activities
- Useful small group workshops
- A take-home resource book

Pick from three formats

- Full Training - 8 hours
- Half-day Training - 4 hours
- Individual Lectures
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"A renewed sense of true north"

"Christian Adulthood 101 provided me with a renewed sense of 'true north' in my work. It re-centers the church on Christ."

Ryan Lunde
College Pastor
EV Free Fullerton

Give your staff the training they need


Understanding Adulthood*
Inviting Youth Into Christian Adulthood*

Reflection Activities

Fostering Hope & Facing Fear
Making Rites of Passage*
Using Discussion & Exploration*
Fostering Holiness & Prayer*
Commissioning New Adults


Ephesians 4 & You*
The Adulthood Myth
Desiring & Celebrating Adulthood*
Romance & Grief in Youth Ministry*
Giving Liberty, Authority, & Identity

Resource Book

Lecture Notes
Workshop Worksheets
Articles for Going Deeper at Home



*Full Training only