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Grace upon grace

2017 was an extraordinary year of God's provision for Wheatstone. We're thrilled and grateful, and we'd like to share some stories of his grace with you.


By the numbers

337 hrs

Spent with our community



22 lbs

Of gummy bears eaten


New givers


Average gift


Cups of tea drunk


Wrapped up, ready to go!

After five years of development, we completed the full suite of Christian Adulthood Training events. By transforming local churches, they reform youth ministry.


By the numbers






Total pages in our five resource books

Meet the Trainings


Christian Adulthood 101

Welcome to the new youth ministry


Discussion for Transformation

Revolutionize your small groups


Entering Culture Courageously

Fear not. Explore more.


From Duty to Discipleship

Spark holiness, not hypocrisy


Teach Them to Pray

This is your top priority

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This training helps us see what is good, true, and beautiful in unexpected places. As a result, we are better able to repair the ruins! This is vital if we are to fill our role as disciple-makers today.


John Mark Reynolds
The Saint Constantine School

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Wheatstone has a vital message for youth ministry: that it’s time to show youth the beauty and power of Christian adulthood. In my experience, their content is deep, their speakers are compelling, and their methods work.


Joshua Griffin
CEO and Co-Founder
Download Youth Ministry

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We trained on a Wednesday, and our small groups were immediately better on Thursday. I cannot imagine a professional development day going any better.


Hunter Chadwick
High School Principal
King's Ridge Christian School


Last word

"This is the best youth ministry seminar I've ever attended, and I've been to a lot. The content is the keystone of youth ministry. It's foundational."

Jay Crawford, Youth Leader, Grace Fellowship Church
2017 From Duty to Discipleship Attendee


The best camp ever.

This year's camp was called Spirit & Dust. Based on Ecclesiastes, it called students to live meaningfully and die well, and they responded in a big way.


by the numbers




Sponsorships awarded to students with financial need

13 hrs

Mentor-led discussion


See the Stories


"I met so many wise people of faith this week. I hope to become an adult like them." 



"This week, I realized that status and achievements don't give me value, God does."  



"I learned to think for myself, share my ideas, and grow. I want to keep discovering truth."



"I came with the negativity to shut anyone down, but I leave with the patience to be slow to anger."


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90% said: 

"This week stretched my thinking about the Christian faith and my relationship with God."

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96% said: 

"Overall, The Academy was  a valuable experience"


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93% said: 

"I would recommend Wheatstone to my friends and leaders."



last word

"Without realizing it, I had developed a very skewed view of God and my relationship to Him.
But at this camp, God showed me His abiding love, and my inability to stop Him from loving me or from bringing me back to Him." 

Maegan, 2017 Camp Alumni



Always better, bolder, stronger.

Just a few years ago, Wheatstone was in a pretty tough spot: rattled by the loss of a donor, dependent on too few friends, and unable to sustain its summer camps.

But Wheatstone's come back, dusted off, and learned some good lessons. God led a turnaround. Now, our support is diversified, our Programs generate meaningful revenue, and our mission is clearer than ever. We've become the organization that Christian adulthood deserves.

We're tracking the progress; you can too!

Watch Wheatstone Thrive

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Ministry simplification made us clearer and stronger

 This year, we identified our primary constituency, launched a clean new website and graphic identity, refocused on our highest-impact offerings, and clarified our communication strategy.

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24% increase in Monthly Giver income

Monthly Givers are our most important donor constituency. By spreading out donor income among many smaller Givers, they make Wheatstone's finances more secure.

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$91 more net income per Camp attendee

Summer camp was once Wheatstone's biggest financial burden. Now, it's effectively self-sustaining.


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56% of Camp attendees received a Sponsorship

Our goal is to make summer camp available to everyone, regardless of financial need. Once again, 100% of approved Sponsorship applications were matched with funders.

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20% increase in net income from Trainings

Trainings form the backbone of our Program Income. The greater Trainings' contribution to Wheatstone's overhead is, the healthier Wheatstone is, and the more we can grow.

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$192 decrease in net expense per Training

We're not just increasing income from Trainings, we're bringing down costs to build a sound business engine for Wheatstone's ministry growth.


last word

"In every key area, Wheatstone continues to cut costs and increase revenue. We've built a sound business engine for long-term organizational growth. Now, it's time to watch it take off."

Peter David Gross, Executive Director

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The future's merry and bright.

Thanks to God's amazing grace through friends like you, Wheatstone is on the way to reforming youth ministry all across the nation! 

We won't stop until every youth gets a clear invitation into Christian adulthood, and every church finds youth ministry's purpose.

You can help. This is the time, and we're the community to launch deep, winsome renewal. Together, we'll advance Christian adulthood.

Come join in!

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last word

He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.

Colossians 1:28