Mar 9, 2019 - Christian Adulthood 101

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Mar 9, 2019 - Christian Adulthood 101


A live training & networking event for youth pastors and leaders - teaching you to invite your youth into Christian adulthood before they leave home

9:00am - 1:00pm
Wheatstone Ministries Offices, Fullerton, CA
$50 - Includes all content, refreshments, and a 120-page resource book

Limited Seats! 25 maximum


You'll learn...

  • Why youth ministry in America is far more important than most American Christians realize…

and why the wider American Church needs to be giving it more dignity than it has historically

  • A blind spot in the American church...

which is severely hindering our ability to minister to our youth—and how to correct it

  • The single, defining characteristic of youth... 

which makes them essentially different from both children and adults

  • What the “American Adulthood Myth” is...

and why it’s a false and harmful way to understand adulthood

  • The four universal characteristics of social adulthood...

and how to offer them to your youth before they leave home

  • What the Bible says about Christian adulthood...

and how Christian adulthood differs from social adulthood

  • What “The New Youth Ministry” is...

and why it causes youth to come to, stay in, and grow through our programs

  • The purpose statement...

of the New Youth Ministry

  • The goals...

of the the New Youth Ministry

  • The tools & methods...

of the New Youth Ministry

  • The six success metrics...

of the New Youth Ministry

  • A rubric...

to help you determine whether a given curriculum or piece of content will promote or hinder growth in your youth

  • How to restructure your youth program so that it becomes deeply relevant to your youth...

and helps them grow up into mature Christian adults before leaving home

Plus, you'll get...


A chance to network with other local youth pastors & leaders


Coffee and refreshments


A chance to troubleshoot your ministry challenges with Wheatstone staff


A 120-page resource book which you can take home and use as a reference tool

Attendees say...


"Christian Adulthood 101 provided me with a renewed sense of ‘true north’ in my work. It re-centers the church on Christ."

— Ryan Lunde, College Pastor - EV Free Fullerton

“The talk Peter Gross gave to our families was more than inspiring, but deeply impactful. After only an hour and a half, I saw tangible breakthrough in the dynamics between parents and students— they laughed together, cried together, prayed together and for each other. What a blessing this was for our ministry."

— Natalie DeAngelo, Student Ministries Director - Influence Church

“Our youth group will never be the same. Through Wheatstone, my students and I have changed for the better; we’ve begun to pursue Christ more earnestly and excellently. I’m so grateful for all that God has done and will continue to do through them."

— Joshua Nordstrom, Journey of Faith Bellflower

“In my 50 years as a Christian – a majority of those years in teaching, discipling, and mentoring, this stands near the top in workshop experiences. Thank you for a stimulating and inspirational day!"

— Marolin Stempson, Santa Margarita Community Church

“A vital message for youth ministry today."

— Joshua Griffin, CEO of Download Youth Ministry & Former Youth Pastor - Saddleback Church

“My heart and mind have been transformed by this experience. I feel like I’ve been given a huge key to all of life!"

— Jeri Franklin, Summit Ministries

About Wheatstone

Wheatstone Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Fullerton, California that invites youth into Christian adulthood. We believe that youth ministry is the American church’s front line, and that, as a result, youth leaders have some of the church’s most vital jobs—they aren’t the second-class church workers that many have taken them to be. So, we provide youth pastors and leaders with live trainings, lectures, and resources that treat them with respect and equip them to meet today’s challenges. In a word - we train you to invite your youth into Christian adulthood.