April 6, 2019 - From Duty to Discipleship

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April 6, 2019 - From Duty to Discipleship


Learn to lead youth out of behavioral Christianity and into discipleship after Jesus

9:00am - 1:00pm
Wheatstone Ministries Offices, Fullerton, CA
$50 - Includes all content, refreshments, and a 120-page resource book
Learn more about From Duty to Discipleship

  • Why holiness matters...

and why it has never stopped being a going concern for Christians of any age

  • That holiness is desirable and possible...

and to pursue holiness in relationship with God, not in godless self-righteousness

  • The dangers of behavioral Christianity...

and the value of holiness as getting in condition, in shape to be with God day in and day out

  • The prime opportunity of inviting youth to holiness at their time of life...

and the chance to help them build their adult identities in holiness

  • That hope for the future of our communities and our youth comes from discipleship after Christ...

and that discipleship after Christ is the only faith that can bear up through adulthood

  • The importance of obedience, prayer, and gratitude for discipleship-based youth ministry...

and how focusing on character provides an approach relevant for all seasons of life

You'll learn...

Plus, you'll get...


A chance to network with other local youth pastors & leaders


A chance to troubleshoot your ministry challenges with Wheatstone staff


Coffee and refreshments


A 120-page resource book which you can take home and use as a reference tool

About Wheatstone

Wheatstone Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Fullerton, California that invites youth into Christian adulthood. We believe that youth ministry is the American church’s front line, and that, as a result, youth leaders have some of the church’s most vital jobs—they aren’t the second-class church workers that many have taken them to be. So, we provide youth pastors and leaders with live trainings, lectures, and resources that treat them with respect and equip them to meet today’s challenges. In a word - we train you to invite your youth into Christian adulthood.