Free Audio - Peter David Gross on Ephesians 4:11-16


In this sermon, Peter insists that there’s more to the Christian life than just getting saved. We’re born again in Christ, and we’re supposed to grow up again too. Then, following Ephesians 4:11-16, he unpacks a biblical method for gaining Christian maturity.

Originally preached at Journey of Faith, Bellflower.




”Adulthood is so much better than childhood, and mature Christianity is so much better than childish Christianity.”

“Jesus can put you on a steady-minded path of growth that can’t be compromised by any danger, because, when you’re thinking with Jesus, you’re in companionship with the Mind that has the strength to go even through crucifixion.”

”If you yourself aren’t working to speak the truth —not just listen to the truth— in community with other people who are devoted to Jesus, you will be doomed to follow [your pastor] or whomever you pick into their errors.”

“When your mind is rooted in the Mind of the God who spoke the world into existence, when your mind is united with the Mind of the one who knows every electron in your body and every motion of your soul, when your mind is there, you have nothing to worry about and everything to learn.”