2018 Year in Review


From the Director

Dear Friends of Wheatstone,

2018 was a year of abundant grace, and I’m excited to share it with you. The team and I are incredibly grateful for your support, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

“It’s my twelfth year, and I’ve never seen Wheatstone stronger, safer, or more effective in accomplishing its mission.”

Wheatstone has ministered for 18 years now, offering a deeper, fuller, richer vision of Christianity to over a thousand students at Camps; and equipping hundreds of youth leaders, and (through them) reaching thousands more youth with Trainings.

We have a ministry legacy to be proud of, a mission abundantly worth serving, and a vision that excites and motivates me every day.

It’s my twelfth year working at Wheatstone, and today I’m happy to report that I’ve never seen Wheatstone stronger, safer, or more effective in accomplishing its mission. The work of the past five years has paid off for the health of our organization, and for the work of the kingdom. God is blessing our efforts, and this year, his blessing was clearer than ever. He opened new doors, brought in new friends and workers, and made our efforts fruitful.

I believe that God is going to use Wheatstone to reform youth ministry and bless the church through a renewed focus on Christian adulthood. I can’t wait to see the day when every church becomes a beacon of hope for maturity to every youth it serves. With God’s grace and your continued support, I believe that future is just around the bend.


Yours for Christian adulthood,


Peter David Gross, Executive Director



2018 Highlights

  • Held the largest Camp since Wheatstone’s 2013 reboot, and the most diverse Camp ever

  • Raised and distributed more Sponsorships to students with financial need than ever before

  • Launched the first-ever NorCal Camp through a partnership with William Jessup University

  • Completed a two-year scalability analysis of Trainings to ensure responsible future growth

  • Organized our first-ever Business Scaling Advisory Board in anticipation of growth



Fun Numbers


Total Sponsorships raised and distributed, 75% more than in 2017.


Camp attendees who received sponsorships because of financial need.


Camp attendees who said it was a positive experience.


Camp attendees who experienced personal growth in faith and relationship with God.


Total alumni


Age of oldest alum


Youngest alum


2018 Christian Adulthood Training events


Miles traveled for Trainings


Pounds of gummies and chocolate consumed in the office


Gallons of tea or coffee consumed in the office





“When I entered this camp, I wasn’t really a Christian. I had called myself one for my whole life, but I lacked the desire I needed to follow Christ. But this week sparked something in me. I want to grow in a Christ, live in a community, and leave changed. I’m a different person than I was before.”

Kate, 2018 Camp alum

“This camp helped me grow in God, and it inspired me not to become discouraged when I face uncertainties. It truly changed my life.”

NATHAN, 2018 Camp alum

“I was scared of growing up, because I felt I wasn’t ready. But this week gave me a completely new perspective on growing up, and I’m not afraid of it anymore. Now I see that it’s okay to take risks, fail, and try again, because God’s got us.”

DESIREE, 2018 Camp alum


Christian Adulthood 101 was eye-opening and informative. It was both a practical help and an encouragement to me as I serve and invest in my junior high students.”

Katlin, 2018 Training Attendee

“These trainings are so important. They have transformed the way I lead my small group. Thank you!“

Bailey, 2018 Training Attendee

Teach Them to Pray is a most impactful training. It bring so much intentionality, freedom, and significance to my prayer life that will overflow into all areas of my life, and into the student's lives.”

James, 2018 Training Attendee



Celebrate Wheatstone!

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