NorCal Friday - Enduring Into Maturity

Gathering beauty

On the last day of camp , we turn the student’s hearts toward home. We want to commission them to bring the tools, habits, and joys they cultivated here at camp back to their communities. Dr. John Mark Reynolds delivered his final talk on how maturity makes us better able to spread the joy of Christ. By being looking for beauty and maturing our childish wonder, we can make the lives of others brighter and lighter. Dr. Reynolds also delivered students a challenge to balance their strengths with their weaknesses. Dr. Reynolds urged students to bring all things before Christ by embracing both the parts that they love and are learning to love about themselves. You can reflect on Dr. Reynold’s full talk below

Growing Up is Better

Peter David Gross delivered a final commission to students. He cast a vision for God as one desiring the community of his beloved children. Fellowship with God is immensely participatory. He wants us in the world, enjoying creation, loving people, and spreading the beauty of Christ. Christ has endured all things for us and in Him, is our true hope from the watchtower. These are the things that power maturity into Christian Adulthood. It is these things we hope to impress upon your students so that they might have courage — undistracted by the noise of the world. Consider Peter’s words in the recorded talk below.


Prayer and Artisan Workshops

Students had one last prayer session. Spiritual director Megan DePaso and Peter David Gross were available during this time to pray with and bless students. There is much to reflect upon. Prayer is an excellent way to commune with God. Students talked about how restful prayer for an hour in solitude was. It is our prayer that this habit endures long into their lives. God desires to speak with us, may we be open to receiving His words

Student groups had their second session of artisan workshops. Students in dance worked with Student Mentor Juliet and Peter about theater of movement. Playing theater games was fun and a great way to explore the interplay between dance and theater. Josh Watson taught students the fundamentals of photo editing with the popular app VSCO. The important part for students to remember was that photos are made, not taken. All editing tools should be used in moderation. After spending time editing, students shared their work with the group.

PC: Katherine Kwong

PC: Katherine Kwong

PC: Juliet San Nicholas de Bradley

PC: Juliet San Nicholas de Bradley


Celebration of Goodness, Truth, and Beauty

Friday is the culmination of the week because by the end, the students are becoming adults. On Friday, everyone dresses their best and we gather for a beautiful evening of dessert and opera. Husband and wife duo Randy and Kate Gremillion curate an opera concert for us based on the theme. Their sheer talent, love of God, and care for students shines through in their singing. It’s a shining evening where we celebrate what happened this week and cast it all forward in hope.


Hope in the Lord, he is worth seeking.