"One of God's great communities" - NorCal Camp Testimonials


Wheatstone’s camps are amazing, but don’t take it from us.
Listen to the students who attend them!

Here are fourteen testimonials from students who attended the 2019 Camp at William Jessup University. Read them and see how God used Wheatstone to change students’ lives for good.




I’m never going to forget the joy of the staff here, the reality of the pain we dealt with, the intensity of community, and the work of discussion. The freedom God gave me at Wheatstone was profound.


I used to pray every night, but then it slowly faded away. After Wheatstone’s prayer times, I think I can start again. The experience is amazing.


This camp will speak to you and change you, no matter where you are in life. Before coming here, I was wishy-washy and dumb. But after just one week, I see almost everything differently. I’m more prayerful and free. I’ll never forget this community.



Wheatstone is the best camp ever! Super fun! I learned how to ask serious questions... It was just a really good growing up experience all around. Just awesome!


Here at Wheatstone is the first time I’ve ever felt that God has responded and talked with me. I arrived shallow, distant, and unable to reach God. But Wheatstone helped me, through thought and prayer, to learn to create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Him. Now I have a sense of what He wants for me. 

If you are uncertain of your faith, Wheatstone is a perfect place to ask and ponder your questions while making great friends. The atmosphere is very inviting and no question is turned away.


When I arrived, I felt empty. But this camp gave me a new desire for knowledge, beauty, and the Holy Spirit. 


I’ve never heard that God forgives and loves in such a clear way. Wheatstone has given me the tools to pray, and also to understand that, whatever I do, God can forgive and love even me.


Here, I got a new vision of being courageous through awesome discussions with my group, and I grew in maturity.


Wheatstone was a very fun experience. I saw such beauty and community, whether it was when we were singing hymns at the concert, or when we were in silent prayer. In prayer, I felt connected with everyone, yet alone with God. I learned so much about how to grow my relationship with him. It’s such a fun place to be!


This camp was so much more than I expected. It gave me new hope and desire to be like Christ. I was anxious and stressed, but here I met people who love each other, and who were willing to listen to me. I loved how were are not treated as children. I want to become like the adults who I met here. 



There was once a girl who believed to her core lies that she had told herself for years. Cruel, powerful lies that suffocated her belief in her own beauty and her power to make beautiful things. Then the Holy Spirit made a way to confront those lies through the people of Wheatstone, and Sophia Rose Oliveri, crowned with wisdom and beauty, is ready to give her fears and desires to her Lord, trusting He will equip her with power, sight, and love. 

Golly. I don't remember ever living this mindfully or prayerfully in my entire life. I'm leaving with half of my journal's pages already filled with treasures that I want to absorb into my life and make a part of my identity. I want to pursue joy –joy in spite of pain– as I await the completion that will come when Jesus and I are together again.

You think you are too young too old for Wheatstone? Wrong. You can learn at any age. -You think you aren't artistic or smart enough? Wrong. Come as you are. You have so much to contribute. -You think you don't like camp? Well you might be right... but Wheatstone isn't just a camp. It is a community of people who can usher you into joyful adulthood.


This camp is about helping you become a better person, not just about keeping you entertained. They push and stretch and love you into being a better and fuller version of yourself. 

Before I came, I felt absent from the church, and distant from God. I wanted to see the Holy Spirit. And I saw him here. I accidentally fell into a community that challenged me and inspired me to become a more whole-hearted person, and I had questions answered in a very direct way. And it wasn't an emotional "mountain top experience.” It was real. I think it'll stick.


I would tell anyone who can come to Wheatstone that they should come to Wheatstone. It's an amazing experience, and one I have found no where else. 

When I arrived, I was very closed off. I would hold my pains close and tell no one about them. I believe now I will be able to go home and seek help from those around me, and start taking steps toward being healthy again. 

I’ll never forget Thursday, during our session on gratitude. I was sitting out on the grass and watching people run around, group hug, or even some leaders give a piggy back ride while singing worship songs, and I felt true joy. In that moment, I saw just a small amount of what the new earth will be like, and it was glorious!  


In order to truly appreciate God and grow your faith you have to enter God's community. And Wheatstone just so happens to be one of God's great communities.