Wednesday - Endurance Produces Joy


Q&A with John Mark Reynolds


Wednesday is the midpoint, and in many ways the turning point, of our week. On Wednesday, discussions start to pay off and prayer practices become easier to enter into. Having endured through the challenges of the first half of the week, students begin to realize—in a big way—that they’re capable of much more than they thought, and that Christianity is much bigger than they knew.

We began our Wednesday with a Q&A with Dr. John Mark Reynolds, who fielded questions from students on anything that came up in his talks on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Listen below to hear what was on students’ minds and what Dr. Reynolds had to say in response.

Habakkuk & Listening Prayer


Next, Peter David Gross performed a dramatic reading of Habakkuk, giving students a chance to experience a book of the Bible as Christians would have encountered it throughout most of human history: the whole thing read out loud, all at once. Students then left the auditorium in silence for a full hour of solitary prayer to respond to God and receive whatever He might share.

On Holiness


After prayer, Dr. Joshua Damu Smith led students through an exploration of holiness in Habakkuk. Dr. Smith touched on themes including our response to revelation and the role of the prophetic in understanding God’s purposes.

Discussion & Artisan Workshops


After lunch, students and mentors gathered in their groups for a second discussion of Plato’s Laches. Wednesday’s discussions benefit from all the work done up to this point in the week, which has prepared students to be who they are, say what they think, and love one another as they talk about the big ideas in Plato.


From discussion, our students went to artisan workshops, where master teachers led them in the first of two sessions in an art form or creative practice. This year’s offerings included ceramics, landscape painting, dance, and songwriting. Through artisan workshops, students build and rejoice in new skills and ways of appreciating the world.

Community Night & Midweek Concert


Wednesday night is Community Night, when our staff share some of their own favorite activities with any students who want to join them. From basketball to haiku writing, board games to musical theater sing-alongs, it’s playtime for everyone.

Community Night culminates in a concert and hymn sing, which is the emotional high point of the week. Artist Revel Day and his band performed a spectacular set of originals, covers, and favorite hymns and worship songs. Students sang, danced, laughed, cried, jumped up and down, and frankly knocked Revel Day’s socks off with their joyful energy. (We always try to prepare bands for how enthusiastic our Wheatstone students are, and they never believe us until they’ve seen it for themselves.)


After Wednesday, camp becomes about preparing students to return home joyfully and wisely. Join us for tomorrow’s recap as we move into the second half of the week and start the transition into life after camp.