Friday - Looking Homeward


Final Sessions with John Mark Reynolds, Peter David Gross, & Joshua Damu Smith


Friday, our last full day of camp, is a day of happy urgency. There’s only a little more time to share in this community, and as students return once more to now-familiar discussions, prayer times, and artisan workshops, everyone savors and values one another in a way that’s heightened by an ending coming into view.

New and returning students heard from Dr. John Mark Reynolds, Peter David Gross, and Dr. Joshua Damu Smith, who encouraged them toward engaging their newfound abilities in greater love and gratitude for the good in their home communities. Rather than being just a “mountaintop experience,” the camp week should be a source of encouragement and a touchstone for greater growth in months and years to come.



Students also had one more opportunity for silent and solitary prayer. During this time, they could request one-on-one prayer with any of our staff as needed.

Artisan Workshops & Discussion


One more discussion of Laches and one more round of artisan workshops gave students the opportunity to come together joyfully for thinking and creating. It was an afternoon for sharing memorable moments, distilling big questions, and encouraging one another about whatever lies ahead.

Dessert Reception


After dinner on Friday, our students get dressed up in their fanciest outfits and enjoy a formal concert created specifically for our theme. After a week of jeans and T-shirts, it’s delightful to see students take joy in being elegant and “transmogrify” their outer selves into something more closely resembling adulthood.

Closing Concert


Kate and Randy Gremillion, who are professional vocalists and Wheatstone parents, built a program around the theme of endurance that included pieces by Bach, Britten, Argento, Purcell, and Rossini. Accompanied by David Clemenson, the Gremillions captivated our students with their passion and precision.

As always, we closed with a rendition of the Doxology, and that marked the end of our week short of checkout and the closing ceremony on Saturday morning. It was a week of joy and heartbreak, tears and laughter, frustration and peace, a week of endurance and a week that we pray will endure in the lives of everyone who attended. It was a true pleasure to be with all of you and to seek God together. May He find us and keep us wherever we go.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow,

Praise Him, all creatures here below,

Praise Him above, ye Heavenly Host,

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.