Thursday - Exploring Art and Culture


Habakkuk with John Mark Reynolds


On Thursday, we lean into everything our small groups have built together as we experience beauty in visual art and theater. It’s both a day of discovery and a day of peace, designed to encourage students to solidify everything they’ve gained earlier in the week.

In the morning, Dr. John Mark Reynolds helped students to think through the ways we identify ourselves and how Habakkuk provides a window on being identified not by what you do or where you’re from, but who you are.

Peter David Gross on How to View Art

IMG_6128 2.jpg

Next, to set students up for their time at The Getty Center, Peter David Gross gave a talk to help them know how to interact with the art they were about to see.

An Afternoon at The Getty

photo_2019-08-05 13.46.08.jpeg

After that, it was onto a bus and off to The Getty, where our students spent the majority of the day. To walk around a world-class art museum in groups of friends, discussing and exploring pieces, spending solo time in contemplation, enjoying the glorious outdoor spaces on a perfectly clear LA day, soaking up beauty in every direction… rather than keep trying to describe the experience in words, let’s try some pictures.

photo_2019-08-05 13.45.53.jpeg

Dinner & Shakespeare @ LMU

Loyola Marymount University’s annual Shakespeare on the Bluff festival graciously provided our students with a private performance of their second play of the season, Pericles of Athens. A less-often-performed Shakespeare play, Pericles explores themes of courage and wise endurance through a host of wild adventures, ending, as a comedy should, in marriage and celebration.


LMU’s Theatre Arts students put on a terrific production full of comedy and pathos, and our Wheatstone students, having been advised by Dr. Reynolds on how to be an interactive theater audience, responded by booing the villains, cheering the heroes, and giving a standing ovation.

As students returned to campus, our attention began to turn to closure and the return to home communities. Join us for tomorrow’s post as we work through how best to say goodbye to where we’ve been and hello to where we’re going.