Best. Camp. Ever.

The Academy is a week you’ll never forget. An experience of community, learning, joy, and prayer to reset the trajectory of your life. See for yourself! Blow your mind. Grow your faith. Rediscover your world.



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For the first time,
The Academy comes to NorCal

From the Sierras to Sacramento, experience a week that you’ll never forget.



When - June 23-29
Where - William Jessup University, Rocklin, CA


A Christian Rite of Passage

Best. Camp. Ever.


At The Academy, we believe you are capable of more, designed for greater things, and more valuable than you know. Camp is just one week, but it could be the beginning of a deeper, holier life. Come up, stand up, and see.



Find Your Calling

Discuss Big Ideas

Explore the Arts

Rediscover Jesus

Learn to Pray Again



Work Hard. Play Hard.

You aren’t a child here

Camp will stretch you: heart, soul, mind, and strength. And it’ll free you to laugh like you haven’t in a long time.



Find a Mentor. Make New Friends.

discover real community

 A few of the 2018 Camp Staff

A few of the 2018 Camp Staff

Learn from a whip-smart, super-kind Christian mentor.

Mentors are models of Christian adulthood: young teachers, pastors, entrepreneurs, artists, or grad students at schools like MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Duke, and Yale.

They lead deep discussions of big ideas, and they form a personal relationship with each student.


Grow in a cohort designed for lifelong friendships, with fewer than ten students per mentor.

Every year, students say that the community they formed with their cohort was different: deeper, more helpful, more alive. And that’s no surprise. Our staff is carefully trained to help students form Christlike relationships, right from day one.

 Oxen Cohort 2018

Oxen Cohort 2018



Encounter Christian Adulthood.

It’s bigger than you knew

 Taking lecture notes in the camp book

Taking lecture notes in the camp book

Blow Your Mind

Here, you’ll encounter ideas that could change your life, learn to love God with your mind, and discover that you’re capable of harder, better thinking than you believed.

  • Deep Discussion

  • Powerful Speakers

  • Extended Q&As

  • Important Ideas


Grow Your Faith

You’ll see that Christianity is big enough to contain the whole world, and you’ll rediscover that Jesus left a way you can really follow. Welcome to real, dangerous faith.

  • Focused Prayer

  • Rediscover Jesus

  • Bible Immersion

  • Faith Integration

 Sunset prayer on Epic Monday

Sunset prayer on Epic Monday

 Celebrating outside the Closing Concert

Celebrating outside the Closing Concert

Rediscover Your World

No more hiding; no more fear. Come look at the world head-on, and discover the best it offers. Encountering beauty and excellence, you’ll be freed for new worship and joy.

  • See Great Film & Art

  • Live Concerts

  • Live Theater

  • Epic Monday



There’s nothing like The Academy.




"I've never seen anything like it."

For several years now I have seen up close what the The Academy experience has done in the lives of students who attend. My conclusion? I've never seen anything like it. Wheatstone is unique, stimulating, transformative, and has a lasting impact on the minds and character of those who take the plunge.

Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D.



"This is the way we will transform our culture."

Wheatstone is doing something very important - helping young Christians grow into adulthood such that their faith is fully integrated into their lives. I'm particularly excited about the way that Wheatstone calls young people to a life of holiness - this is the way we will transform our culture. 

Holly Ordway, Ph.D.





"It introduced the life I had always wanted"

"The Academy was my bridge between childhood and adulthood. It fostered Christian maturity by pointing out that life is full of things worth pursuing whatever the cost. It introduced the life I had always wanted but never knew existed."

2007 Alumnus

"Empowered me to overcome my fears"

"This camp empowered me to overcome my fears by showing me the Love that transforms and redeems all things. A decade later, the things I learned at Wheatstone still help me follow Jesus."

2006 Alumnus