October - What to Read, Watch, Listen to, and Do

“In Him is no darkness, no darkness at all” 1 John 1:15

Greetings friends! The October Goodness List is here! October is a month for big contrasts of light and dark, especially when we consider the overlap of the church’s celebration of All Hallows Eve and Reformation Day with the nastier parts of our celebration of Halloween. That’s why this list focuses on light in darkness, uncertainty, and difficulty.

As usual, all book and movie recommendations are available at your local library or on major streaming channels. And don’t forget that you’re welcome to reach out to any staff member via social media to ask questions or discuss!


Ender’s Game - Orson Scott Card (Kris Yee)

My Bright Abyss - Christian Wiman (Josh Watson)

Revelation - Flannery O’Conner (Emma Doeremus)

The Sacred Journey - Frederick Buechner  (Nathan Fan)

100 Demon Dialogues - Lucy Bellwood (Katherine Kwong)


12 Angry Men (Nicole Garcia) - Library, Amazon Prime

A Man Called Ove (Ian Heisler) - Library, Amazon Prime

Coco (Juliet San Bradley) - Library, Amazon Prime

Good Will Hunting (Hannah Harkness) - Library, Amazon Prime,

Listen & Sing


"My Eyes" and "Patience" - The Lumineers (from Cleopatra album) (Nicole Garcia)


So Runs The World Away - Josh Ritter (Josh Watson)

The Prince of Egypt - Various Artists (Abby Basile)

You Want It Darker - Leonard Cohen (Emma Doeremus)


Sometimes a light surprises the Christian while he sings

Abide with me, fast falls the eventide

(Jack Franicevich)

Play & Enjoy



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Questions from Stephen Frendl

- With parents, try asking them to share about moments throughout their lives in which they can recognize they grew the most, and how. Listen respectfully, recognizing that they too are a child of God in their own continuing journey of growth in Him.

- With friends, look for opportunities where they can safely share themselves with you, and listen to them. Pray that God would show you even a glimpse of His redemption in their lives, and then love them, share in the joy of what He shows you.

- With yourself, be skeptical of the thoughts and persuasions in your mind that would try to condemn you. Hold to God as your father who has incredible mercy in His heart for you.