Wednesday - Workshops and Worship

Joy on the dance floor

The second half of Wednesday is devoted to another discussion in student groups, artisan workshops, community night and a concert!

Artisan workshops are where students hear from thoughtful people who practice a craft. In the past we’ve had workshops ranging from Karate to drum circles. The goal is to orient students to a new, creative, beautiful activity they may not have chosen on their own.

I visited three of the workshops and got to talk to some students. Photography, music and dance. I compiled some audio from these visits: immerse yourself in the sounds and experiences in these three workshops. Other workshops were watercolor, sculpture and character design

Another way we invite students into Christian Adulthood is to share things we, as a staff, love with the students. This year we offered basketball, soccer, water coloring, board games, improv and more. It’s a way for students to mix with other small groups and enjoy an activity in a new way. After three days together, community night also becomes a wonderful way for everyone to play together. 

And of course, there is a always a rousing concert at the end of community night! It’s a time where staff and students join together in the freedom of dance which ends in a hymn sing and the doxology. This year we had John Lowell Anderson open and Browder Sisters lead us in an electrifying upbeat concert with soul & rock covers of popular songs like “September” and “Shut Up and Dance” as well as original songs like “Mr. User.” 


Joy is abundant in the air during the concert. Students dance freely next to others they only met a few days ago and now: start to call family. If only the energy from our outstretched hands was lighting: we would have lit the room bright enough to rival the stars. 

Pray for us as we lean into the final two, full days of the camp. Students are learning and experiencing much. Peace.

pc: Katherine Kwong, Ken Dong