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The best camp ever wrapped on July 21. Students were challenged to face uncertainty, doubt, and error with prayer, faith, and hope.

Here's how they responded.


Quick Stats

Best-attended Camp
since 2012

35% Alumni
65% New Students

More Sponsorship gifts and
recipients than ever


was camp a valuable experience?

When's the last time you heard almost a hundred youth unanimously agree on something like this?

Yeah, we can't remember either.

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Said Camp was a valuable experience.



let's do it again

Was Camp just good? Or was it do-it-again good? Our youth were clear.


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Would attend again.



You need to hear about this

Was Camp just do-it-again good? Or was it tell-everybody good?

Yup, you guessed it.


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Would recommend Camp to a friend.



growing faith

Why? Because Camp was a place where youth blew their minds, grew their faith, and rediscovered their world.


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Experienced personal growth in faith and relationship with God.




About the stats: Students responded to survey questions on a scale of 1 - 5, where 1 was "strongly disagree" and 5 was "strongly agree." The above numbers represent the percentage of students who marked a 4 or 5 in response to the relevant question.



Student Testimonials


“Before I was complacent in my truth-seeking, and giving up on hard questions, but now I will continue to ask challenging questions without fear.”


“I came questioning the value of prayer, but I found it here.”


“This camp helped me grow in God, and it inspired me not to become discouraged when I face uncertainties. It truly changed my life.”



“When I came to Wheatstone, I was always trying to justify certain childish behaviors. Now, I know I have the ability to make my own decisions.”


“When I entered this camp, I wasn’t really a Christian. I had called myself one for my whole life, but I lacked the desire I needed to follow Christ. But this week sparked something in me. I want to grow in a Christ, live in a community, and leave changed. I’m a different person than I was before.”


“I was reminded that confusion shouldn’t hinder me from seeking truth. Now, I realize that the Christian faith isn’t just spiritual, but requires your mind as well.”


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“I feel ready to learn more about Christ and take ownership of my faith.”


“Before I came, I would just soak in whatever people told me to think. Now, I want to understand who God is for myself. I want to be able to grow my relationship with God and protect the testimony of how Christ saved me.”


“It was a breath of fresh air to be in an environment of individuals who truly desire growth and a strong faith.”



“When I came, my good deeds were done for my own gain, but now I feel a strong call to do good things simply to honor the Lord, regardless of the immediate results.”


“At Wheatstone, I heard the voice of God for the first time.”


“I was scared of growing up, because I felt I wasn’t ready. But this week gave me a completely new perspective on growing up, and I’m not afraid of it anymore. Now I see that it’s okay to take risks, fail, and try again, because God’s got us.”



“My faith expanded, and my desire to be closer to God strengthened. I'm leaving with new goals for growth.”


“Before camp, I wasn’t sure if I could have a close, personal relationship with God, but after getting to listen to lectures about faith and the world around me, I feel as though I am on a clear path to knowing God better and developing a deep relationship with Him.”



“This week has changed my life. This might be the happiest I’ve ever been!”



That's the best camp ever, according to students who attended. Join us in praising the faithful God!