"It fostered Christian maturity... "

The Academy was my bridge between childhood and adulthood. It fostered Christian maturity by pointing out that life is full of things worth pursuing whatever the cost. It introduced the life I had always wanted but never knew existed.

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.” - I Cor 13:11



"The Academy drew me into a depth I had not experienced before..."

The Academy drew me into a depth that I had not experienced before. It taught me that I can discover Jesus not only in youth group, but as I read, look at art, converse with friends, and simply experience life.

I've grown in ways that I never expected because my eyes were opened at Wheatstone.



"I've also met wonderful, like-minded friends..."

The Academy has not only inspired me  to draw closer to God, but it has instilled in me a new, greater love of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. I've also met wonderful, like-minded friends, listened to fascinating lectures and HAD FUN! It was AWESOME!



"To find God in everything was the unspoken goal..."

I’ve never been so stretched in every area of my life all at once. I was physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually challenged every day. My ideas were challenged, evaluated, supported, and changed in every conversation. To find God in everything was the unspoken goal. The week changes the way you think, the way you see, and love.



"I found peace here..."

Before I came to Wheatstone, I had completely given up on God and didn't believe at all. Now I feel like I need God so that I can have peace in everything. I found peace here.

I grew the most in prayer this week, because I haven't been praying at all, and then I was told to pray for 30 minutes to an hour. I'm leaving with understanding that I don't have to be totally certain, and I will take that and search for truth in the Bible.



"My life changed here..."

The Academy is about learning, not just head knowledge and obscure facts, but how to be a better more virtuous human being.

Some people will tell you that your Wheatstone experience is about learning, and it is, but the word that most closely describes Wheatstone? Love. There are very few times in your life that you can clearly point to and say 'my life changed here.' Wheatstone will be one of them.



"Wheatstone showed me the 'something more'..."

The Academy challenged me to raise the bar in my life goals for both youth ministry and personal spiritual growth. Spending a week with distinguished professors who genuinely modeled the love of Christ revealed a whole new level of Christian living to me.

Wheatstone showed me the "something more" that I did not even realize I was trying to find!



"I saw the connection and unity of intellect and spirituality..."

At the time in my life that I attended The Academy, I was actively growing away from the church. I felt that my intellectual life could not be compatible with my spiritual life, and intellectual life seemed like my future.

After Wheatstone, I saw the connection and unity of intellect and spirituality; I saw that I could use my whole person to seek God. I began to love Christ in a way I had never known I could before.