The Academy is the only summer camp focused on helping Christian youth desire and adopt Christian adulthood.

We empower students to work hard in mind, soul, and heart while helping them encounter the goodness, truth, and beauty of God and his world. It's not enough to give youth someone else's answers to today's hot topics. They need to be formed into people who are ready facing the future with courage and maturity.


The Academy is one week in residence on-campus at Biola University, with live music and theater, high-quality art and film,  games and a sunset hike, philosophical discussion and teaching, theological and biblical inquiry, high-quality personal mentoring, deep community, and training in the practice of prayer.

A Rite of Passage

We've modeled our camp on rites of passage from around the world. It's designed like a story with our students as the main characters: a series of experiences that helps them stop thinking of themselves as children and start seeking to be adults.

Key Themes

Each year, we focus on a new book of the Bible and address themes that new adults always need, like uncertainty and faith, death and meaningful life, danger and safety, or suffering and joy. These themes give our students long-lasting tools.


Students are trained how to think well for themselves through deep philosophical discussions led by incredible Wheatstone mentors. 


Students fearlessly engage with the best of art, film, theater, music, and big ideas. They're free to ask their hardest questions, and they're encouraged to keep seeking.


Students are called to know and imitate Jesus, not just perform a Christian behavior checklist.


Students are trained to constantly call on the God who saves them through the practice of silent, solitary prayer.