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Public Training


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March 31, 9am - 1pm
Wheatstone Ministries Offices
Fullerton, CA
$50 per person

Fear not. Explore more.

We don't need to be afraid of culture. In one day, train your whole staff to help youth explore art, music, movies, media, and big ideas with wisdom and courage.

Every training includes...

Deep, powerful lectures
Renewing reflection activities
Useful small group workshops
A 120-page take-home resource book

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- Full Training - 8 hours
- Half-day Training - 4 hours
- Individual Lectures
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"Helps us see what is good, true, and beautiful in unexpected places."

"God made the cosmos and is still sovereign. People made in God's image may be broken, but there is a common grace that fills what people do. This training helps us see what is good, true, and beautiful in unexpected places. As a result, we are better able to repair the ruins! This is training vital if we are to fill our role as disciple-makers today!"

John Mark Reynolds
The Saint Constantine School

Give your staff the training they need


Fearless Explorers: Why Culture Matters for Christian Adulthood
Wise Guides: How to Help Youth Enter Culture Courageously

Reflection Activities

Uncovering Fears for Youth
"Whatever is true..." *
Cultivating Hope for Youth
Seeking Wisdom *


Exploration & Adulthood *
Getting Ahead of Youth Interests *
Recognizing Irrelevance
Finding Excellence
Inviting Youth Onward *

Resource Book

Lecture Notes
Workshop Worksheets
Additional Tips & Advice
Articles on Exploration by Wheatstone

* Full training only