Contract Staff


Job Description

Contract Staff are former Wheatstone employees who have been pre-approved to work at future events without re-applying. They can list a continuous employment relationship with Wheatstone and are often consulted as advisors. 

We want to ensure that our best employees get the opportunity to work with us regularly without going through the hassle of re-applying for every event. Contract Staff get that opportunity. We provide them with information and job offers before anyone else, with no unnecessary processes by which to claim them. They are not obligated to take any job offer during their term, nor to participate in Wheatstone's Contract Staff initiatives; the position is pure opportunity, free of impediments.

Becoming Contract Staff provides a termed professional relationship with Wheatstone Ministries, distinguished from Event Staff. Contracts are designated for Trainers, Training Managers, Camp Managers, Mentors, Artisans, and/or other roles for a designated length of time–usually one, two, or three years. Wheatstone Ministries invites Contract Staff to all pertinent employment positions at training events and The Academy during their contract term without the need for additional applications. Contract Staff simply opt in for the roles they desire. Contract Staff are regularly informed of ministry plans and strategies, and may be consulted on major organizational decisions. Contract Staff may be featured on Wheatstone's website, and are encouraged to list Wheatstone as a long-term employer on resumes and public profiles.



Term of Contract

Depending on an applicant's strength and circumstances, Wheatstone offers a one, two, or three year contract, after which time it is mutually evaluated and either ended or renewed. 


Contract Staff are compensated for services rendered at events and conferences. Rates for these employments are variable, and sometimes negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


Contract Staff are expected to maintain ongoing communication with Wheatstone throughout the term of their contract, both by responding to offers or inquiries, and by keeping Wheatstone apprised of pertinent changes to their location, education, or professional commitments.

As representatives of the organization, they are also expected to conduct their public lives in a way that is complementary to Wheatstone, or clearly supportive of it. 


Wheatstone Ministries seeks applicants who are exemplars of their peer group, exhibiting exceptional social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual qualities.


  • Agreement with Wheatstone's What We Believe statement and regular attendance at a Christian church

  • Exemplar of Christian maturity and continuing education

  • Reputation among Wheatstone alumni, peers, and faculty members for charity and professionalism

  • Previous paid employment at Wheatstone Ministries offices or events.

  • Bachelor's degree, or an equivalent

If any individual, after becoming a Contract Staff member with Wheatstone Ministries, ceases to exhibit any of these qualifications, that change will be regarded as sufficient cause for the termination of their contract.


  • Exemplary performance in an honors program, or other awards and recognitions

  • Professional experience and excellence in the field(s) for which a contract is desired

  • Outstanding social/community service, advocacy, or prominence