Leaders Mentor

Job Description

Mentors are the primary agents of educator empowerment at The Academy. By word and example, they call educators into a way of working that invites youth into Christian adulthood.

Mentoring is an on-site residential job that includes room and board. Mentors accompany their small groups all day, every day  throughout The Academy week providing insight, questions, wonder, love, and joy, and provoking students to seek goodness, truth, and beauty.

Mentors are excellent discussion leaders. They capably sustain discussions for three hours or more without using the discussions for didactic or manipulative purposes. Rather, Mentors practice hospitality and liberation to help students be who they are, say what they think, love one another, and talk about the same things while they seek a single, unknown truth together.

Mentors enjoy humbly engaging with a wide variety of topics, experiences, and cultural or natural artifacts. They easily and attractively relate with people of various personalities and temperaments. They quickly recognize others' fears, hopes, and feelings. Christianity has clearly shaped their imagination, vocabulary, and practice, and they model that to their small group. They respond to unexpected changes with flexibility and grace.

Leaders Mentors are collegial: helpful and respectful. They are strongly motivated by empowering their peers for excellence, rather than critiquing them or overpowering them. They are excellent at co-leadership.

Term of Contract

This contract is for residential employment as an Leaders Mentor  with the 2018 summer camp at Biola University (July 16-22). Employment begins at hire, includes individual preparation hours in the months before camp, and ends with the fulfillment of duties at the following events:

  • Staff Training: two, all-day seminars. July 13-14, Location TBD.
  • Summer Camp Week: residential working responsibilities start at 12:00pm on Sunday, and conclude at 12:00pm on Saturday.
  • Staff Debriefing: a 1-2 hour review conducted either in-person or online and scheduled within two weeks of the camp at the earliest convenience of the Wheatstone office staff.

Mentors are also invited to attend the camp staff after-party, though attendance is not required.


Mentors receive room and board during The Academy week and are compensated $700 for their services, payable at the conclusion of the camp. 


  • Personally connecting with and involving each leader in the camp experience
  • Facilitating 3-hour Socratic-style discussions, for a total of at least 12 hours throughout the camp
  • Solving issues of group cohesion and conflict
  • Taking every opportunity to dialogue with educators around scheduled programs
  • Guiding leaders through training workshops and group brainstorming sessions.
  • Recognizing personal limitations and requesting help when needed
  • Helping other staff members
  • Acting as a liaison for camp managers, reporting the progress and needs of each educator



  • Committed to the Christian faith as articulated in Wheatstone's What We Believe Document and regularly attending a Christian church
  • Experienced and confident in leading open-ended, idea-driven small group discussions
  • Reputation among peers and employers or faculty members for charity and professionalism
  • Capable of producing a positive first impression with a diverse group of adult Christian leaders
  • Willingness and capacity to endure long working days
  • Bachelor's degree, completed by the time of the camp


  • Exemplary performance in an undergraduate honors program, or other awards and recognitions
  • Exemplary performance in a professional field or graduate program
  • Experience leading, instructing, or working with young adult students and/or other educators
  • Students Mentor experience at a previous Academy camp