Our Conviction

The American church needs to reform its approach to youth ministry

Instead of delegating the terms of adulthood to society, we need to invite our youth into Christian adulthood before they leave home.

Wheatstone uses insights about adulthood from theology, humanities, arts, and social sciences to equip local communities to make the Christian adulthood invitation to their youth with wisdom, skill, and hope.

Why it matters

Right now, more than half of Christian youth leave church during their transition into adulthood. As they go, they characterize Christianity as childish, naive, defensive, and insular. It shouldn't be like this, and it needn't be like this.

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How we'll succeed

We're building a national support network with both on-site training for local youth leaders, and game-changing youth camps, so that local churches, schools, and families can take up their role as the front line of the Christian adulthood movement.

At Wheatstone, we see that the Christian adulthood crisis is a culture-wide problem that requires the coordinated effort of churches across denominational and social lines, so we offer events and services that can complement any creedal Christian tradition.


Casting a compelling vision of adulthood for Christian youth

Youth need new, compelling visions for a truly Christian adulthood, so we offer a whole new kind of summer camp: powerful rites of passage that touch youth's hearts, minds, actions, and imaginations.


Equipping local leaders to reform their youth ministry

More importantly, youth leaders need new training for effective Christian adulthood ministry. Unless the local church is involved and equipped, our mission cannot be robustly accomplished. That's why we offer 101- and 201-level trainings on the key ideas and methods for Christian adulthood ministry.