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Every Christian youth should get a chance to experience this camp. That's why 100% of Sponsorship Fund gifts go straight to youth with verified financial need, so they can encounter Christian adulthood too.

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Quick Facts


Distributed to students with financial need since 2013


Churches in low-income communities that sent whole youth groups to Camp in 2018


Percentage of 2018 Camp attendees who received Sponsorships


YOY Sponsorship Fund growth from 2017-2018


Percentage of 2018 Camp attendees who reported that it was a positive experience



A Letter from a 2018 Recipient


Dear Sponsor,

My name is Joshua, and I attended the Wheatstone camp last summer. I just wanted to thank you for your sponsorship. Because of your donation, I attended undoubtedly the best camp I have ever been to. Never have I fully appreciated communities or beauty, or wrestled with difficult questions for such long periods of time. It was exhausting and uncomfortable, but completely worth it, because, as our heads throbbed, the Wheatstone staff pointed us to the end: eternity.

It was like I experienced heaven on earth for the first time. More importantly, I began to experience the realities of a relationship with Christ. Thank for your the opportunity to have my eyes opened!



* Not actual dispersed 2019 sponsorships. Estimate based on 2018 averages.