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Gifts made to Wheatstone are always tax-deductible... Quite nice at the end of the year! But more importantly, you can feel great about them: you know that every bit goes to advance Christian adulthood.

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We're proud of our high standards. Every event we produce is in the best of its class, and we steward our resources as unto the Lord. That's why we're recognized as a Gold-seal charity on GuideStar.

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Wheatstone is an approved charity with the National Christian Foundation.

Give to The Christian Adulthood Fund, #1564042.

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More about Wheatstone

Wheatstone is managed by a board of directors appointed by Priority Living. Delegates of the board meet bimonthly to discuss and approve Wheatstone's budget and operations.

We are committed to financial integrity and transparency. Our 501(c)(3) tax exemption status and the federal form 990 are both available on request. 33-50% of our income comes from programs and products, and 50-66% comes from donors: many small gifts, some mid-size campaign gifts, and a few major benefactors.