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December Together

Each December, the Wheatstone community gathers to celebrate what God has done, and to get the new year off to a bright, merry start.

Our goal is $20,000 by the end of the year.
Come join in!

129% Funded
$25,831 Raised
Day to Go
59 Givers

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Celebrate Wheatstone by Giving Today

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Final Challenge!

Out With a Bang
Matching Challenge

For the last three days of December, donors will match all gifts, up to $7000. That's $14,000 for Christian adulthood ministry! Help us meet and exceed our 2017 goals!


Challenge Two - Completed!

December 22
Matching Challenge

Gifts given on December 22 get matched by two anonymous donors, up to $2000!

Challenge one - 1 day left

Spirit & Dust Alumni
Matching Challenge

Attendees of the 2017 Summer Camp get their gifts matched all month long, up to $1000, by Julie Barrios!

Little sweet thank you treats

Just to make December Together brighter, we're sending some treats to our givers!
They're just a little sweet way to say, "Thank you!"


$50 Givers get
Never Stop Growing Up buttons!

You're cute as a button... or two.


$100 Givers get
Never Stop Growing Up stickers!

You're so sweet; we should stick together.



$250 Givers get
Never Stop Growing Up notebooks!

You're just swell in my book, kid.



$500 Givers get
Never Stop Growing Up

You make me feel so warm and cozy.



$1000 Givers get
Never Stop Growing Up

Because you're so totally rad.



$2000 Givers get
the complete set!

You're the whole package, dude.