Youth need a clear invitation into Christian adulthood. They need it from you.

Wheatstone is here to help. We're eager to show up on-site, in-person to train your team in the methods of the new youth ministry. 



Training Brochure

Training Goals

Wheatstone Trainings give both a theoretical framework to help you make wise decisions in unpredictable situations, and concrete tips that you can apply right away. We're out to empower you to make  great decisions and find new applications that we haven't imagined yet. When you're done with a Wheatstone Training, you'll feel inspired, reoriented, overwhelmed with opportunity, and ready to take the next steps.

Training Values


We offer high-quality content that assumes the best of our cohorts. We don't water it down or make it fussy; we get straight to the heart of the matter as clearly and completely as possible.

In addition to high-quality content, we offer exceptional Faculty who are committed to providing a personal, interactive experience that ensures you'll get the answers you need.



At Wheatstone, we know that checklists, quizzes, and bits of information can only have short-term effects. For a community to really change over the long-term, its leaders need wisdom.

For that reason, our trainings focus on you, not on tips or systems of behavior. We're out to form your hopes, fears, assumptions, and processes of thought, not just your workflow.

Mere Christianity

Youth in every church and denomination need to hear an invitation into Christian adulthood, so we offer trainings that are compatible with a wide range of creedal theological traditions. As a result, we've been pleased to partner with Nondenominational, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christians. Every training is rigorously theological and practical within the generous constraints of mere Christianity. We'll respect and reinforce your tradition. 


Our content is designed to pay off over the long term, no matter how culture shifts. As hot topics come and go, the principles we offer will remain relevant to your community, because they come from the universal context of youth ministry: the transition into adulthood.