Project Description

Wheatstone seeks an artful, experienced individual or team to provide full-service production of two social media-optimized video ads for its Christian Adulthood Trainings. Trainings are five innovative and effective one-day, on-site events that equip churches to invite their youth into Christian adulthood before they leave home.

Shots will be gathered from three sources: sit-down interviews with Wheatstone staff and youth pastors, live footage of youth groups in action, and staged footage of a Training event. More evocative or abstract B-roll footage may also be required.

The end result will be two ads, cut from the same footage. Their goals are to introduce people to Wheatstone Trainings and to sell Wheatstone Trainings, respectively.

The ads will feel confident, engaging, direct, relatable, and persuasive through a hopeful, upbeat, positive aesthetic devoid of sentimentality, danger/fear, over-stylization, or fads. They will skew toward the aesthetic of artful documentaries, rather than that of infomercials or short films.

Throughout, filmmakers will report directly to Wheatstone’s Executive Director, Peter David Gross, who will approve final scripts and edits, and produce or solicit any music, graphics, or other resources needed for the successful completion of the project.


  • Outputs due November 19, 2018


  • 4-minute Training video ad (Informative)

  • 1-minute Training video ad (Inspiring)


  • Collaborative script/storyboard finalization with Wheatstone

  • Shooting and directing all footage

  • Excellent audio capture

  • Editing all footage

  • All equipment for shooting, audio capture, and editing


  • Music scoring or acquisition

  • Lighting equipment

  • Type animation


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