Executive Staff

Peter David Gross
Executive Director

Peter David Gross is the Executive Director of Wheatstone Ministries, a nonprofit that invites youth into Christian adulthood. A decade ago, he joined the Wheatstone team as a student worker, and he has worked to advance the ministry's mission since then, transforming it along the way. A proud graduate of Biola University and its Torrey Honors Institute, he designs Wheatstone's rite of passage summer camps, and is the creator of Wheatstone's training events for youth leaders: Christian Adulthood 101, Discussion for Transformation, Teach Them to Pray, From Duty to Discipleshipand Entering Culture Courageously


Lisa Oka
Director of Operations

After receiving her BFA in Design and Painting, Lisa spent 7 years working in design, marketing, and public relations, managing multi-regional advertising. At Wheatstone, Lisa rebuilt the ministry's identity and website, and designed new systems to improve communications with the community before moving up to manage all of the ministry's operations. Lisa's experiences have refined her passion for the well-designed, where function and delight intersect. She enjoys abstract paintings and well-crafted objects, and she revels in the deliciousness of food, and in simple things done well. She speaks fluent Japanese and raises two turtles and three cats.



Michael J Kiley
President of the Board

Mike is passionate about causing long-term cultural renewal by raising a new generation of mature Christians. When Mike could find no Christian resource that adequately addressed the challenges his son would face in a secular college environment, he founded Wheatstone Ministries to meet the need. Mike is also the founder and CEO of Chamberlain Group, a Southern California financial advisory firm specializing in wealth management and executive benefits for successful business owners.

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John Mark Reynolds
Keynote Speaker

The original architect of The Academy summer camps, John Mark continues to serve as The Academy's Distinguished Speaker. He is President of The Saint Constantine School in Houston, TX, and is the Founder and former Director of the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University.  John Mark has written and collaborated on a number of books, including Against All Gods, with Phillip E. Johnson, When Athens Met Jerusalem, and The Great Books Reader.

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John Siefker
VP and Treasurer

John cares about seeing innovative nonprofit ministries succeed, and about promoting Christian discussion in the next generation. He's eager to find ways to spread Christian maturity to every kind of student, no matter what. In addition to serving with Wheatstone, John serves on the Board of Trustees at Biola University. Retired after a career in health care, he now offers his time, talent and resources to young Christian ministries as a consultant. He and his wife, Lynn, live in Newport Coast.

Contract Staff and Advisors

Wheatstone retains dozens of incredible Christian speakers, mentors, and event managers. Many of Wheatstone's Contract Staff hold or are gaining graduate degrees from institutions like Yale, Stanford, USC, and MIT. They are highly-skilled professors and teachers, pastors, designers, artists, or entrepreneurs. It's an unprecedented network of highly-skilled leaders, united for the Christian adulthood cause.